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Osteoarthritis / Ayurveda treatment for Knee Pain


A common degenerative joint disease , usually termed as “wear and tear” of joints. The major causes of osteoarthritis can be aging, trauma, heredity, obesity, and overuse of joints or other diseases. Will discuss about symptoms  and Ayurveda treatment for Knee pain as well as whether there is cure for Osteoarthritis or not. 

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis 

Osteoarthritis mainly presents as pain and stiffness of the affected joint. Pain may worsen during movement or at the end of the day. There may be stiffness after rest, mobility of joints may not be like normal associated with grating or crackling sounds during movement. The affected joints may not feel stable as the muscles around the joint tend to become weak.

Osteoarthritis comes under Sandhigata vata. Right here, the vitiated vata dosha , due to numerous causative factors receives lodged in sandhis or joints main to sandhigata vata.

Can Ayurveda cure Osteoarthritis ? / Is there cure for Osteoarthritis 

There’s no cure for osteoarthritis, but the condition does not necessarily get any worse over time. There are a number of treatments to help relieve the symptoms

Ayurvedic treatment of Osteoarthritis prevents further deterioration in the joints and rejuvenates damaged cartilages. Ayurveda suggested some special treatments lubrication and strengthening of joints as well to reduce Vata level.


Ayurveda treatment for Knee Pain/ Osteoarthritis / Ayurveda management in Knee pain / Osteoarthritis 

Ayurvedic has an excellent approach to Sandhigata vata. It aims at treating the alleviated vata dosha, preventing the progression of the disease, aiding in lubrication and rejuvenation of joints.

Shodhana and Shamana chikitsa are planned. Shodhana chikitsa which includes detoxification and rejuvenating therapies like kati basti, janu basti etc are customized specifically based on the condition.

In Shamana Chikitsa  involves internal medication to alleviate pain and improve flexibility of Joints.

In addition  to Ayurveda treatments,  it is equally important  to improve life style and proper diet is require to get relief from Pain.


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