Vandhyatva Chikitsa / Infertility Management

  • Procreation is a blessing that aids in transferring the genes from one generation to another and thus aid to evolution. Fertility is the capacity of a couple to reproduce or the state of being fertile. As successful pregnancy is a multi-step chain of events, even if one of the events or conditions is not met in the right amount of time pregnancy may not happen or reach to birth. The God has blessed the female with most valuable Gift of motherhood. Mother is also called as “Janani” who gives birth to child.
  • Pcod, Age, endometriosis, Hormonal balance, ovulation problem, egg reserve are commonly found reasons for female infertility.
  • Male infertility is usually caused by problems that affect either sperm production or sperm transport which include varicocele, infections, ejaculation problems, tumours, hormone imbalances, defects of tubules that transport sperm etc
  • We at Adyanta Ayurveda we provides Shodhana Chikitsa treatment modalities like Vamana (emesis), Virechana (puragation), Vasti (medicated enema) and Utharavasti special enema administered through urethral or vaginal routes) are done as per the condition of the patient. Along with Shodhana Chikitsa we prefer life style modifications, Yoga and internal medication to get the perfect result.