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Panchakarma Virechanam / Detoxification

Panchakarma  Virechanam / Detoxification

What is Panchakarma Virechanam / Detoxification

Panchakarma Virechanam / Dexoxificaion is a bio-cleansing, purification therapy to detox the body and mind. It is a  rather medicated purgation therapy. Its one of the five Panchakarma procedure helps in healing of body and Prevent physical, mental disorders as well as general illness. It is an herbal purging process aiming at the elimination of excessive Pitta Dosha and Ama and which in turn purifies blood, as well as clearing toxins from the body. Further will discuss the procedure and advantages of Panchakarma Virechanam  / Detoxification.

The procedure of Panchakarma Virechanam

In this procedure, the vitiated doshas are eliminated through the rectal route. The procedure consists of various stages. In the first place, It starts with medications to correct the metabolism.

The next step is internal oleation or Snehapanam with the help of medicated ghritam based on Doshas.

Further to internal oleation external oleation of the body is done with Abhyangam.


In the final stage medicines for purgation are given to the patient. After purgation, the patient needs to follow light and simple diet. Throughout the procedure, a specially customized diet chart was also given to the patient.

Types of Panchakarma Virechanam / Detoxification

Panchakarma – Virechana is categorized bases on Doshas.

Panchakarma Virechana is mainly classified in Snigdha Virechana and Rooksha Virechana.

  1. Snigdha Virechana: In this procedure castor oil or Haritaki fruit choorn use for Purgation. It’s Useful when Pitta Dosha is associated with Vata Dosha.
  2. Rooksha Virechana: Usually 20 to 30grams of Trivirt leham use for Purgation purposes. When Pitta Dosha is associated with Kapha Dosha Rooksha Virechanam is very useful.

Advantages of Virechanam therapy:

  • The patient feels very relaxed, clean, light, and strong after the Virechana therapy successfully.
  • It normalizes the digestion, assimilation, and appetite of the body.
  • Virechana therapy helps to bring clarity to the mind and stimulates the intellectual level.
  • It is effective in the treatment of Pitta disorders, such as skin inflammations.
  • Beneficial in treatments of diseases like chronic fever, piles, abdominal tumors, worms, and gout.
  • Panchakarma Virechana is also effective in the treatment of jaundice, irritable bowel syndrome, gastrointestinal problems, and constipation.
  • Panchakarma Virechana also helps in the treatment of Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOD, GERD, and gynecological disorders. In addition to that its equally important to treat  the hormonal disorder

Virechana therapy is a natural and effective therapy for several health problems.

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