Twak Roga Nivarana Chikitsa / Skin care treatment

Skin disease called “ Kushta” in Ayurveda tearms. Ayurved skin diseases are divided into mainly 2 types which are
  • Mahakustha (Major skin diseases) – 7 in numbers
  • Kshudrakustha (Minor skin diseases) – 11 in numbers
  •  Vata dominance skin diseases in which affected skin becomes dry, rough, having black / gray discoloration & pin pricking pain.
  • In Pitta dominant skin diseases patient suffers from local burning sensation, red discoloration, foul smell, pustular discharge.
  • White discoloration, itching, coldness, infected wound are the symptomsof Kapha dominant skin diseases.
  • Skin diseases are Bahudosha pradhana vyadhi i.e. diseases caused due to vitiation of Dosha at large extend.
  • We treat skin disease like Psoriasis, eczema, acne,seborrheic dermatitis, etc
  • We at Adyant Ayurveda recommend Vamana mainly for skin diseases having dominance of Kapha. Virechana & Raktamokshana are also beneficial in skin diseases having dominance of Pitta Dosha & Rakta Dhatu. Basti also be given in dominance of Vata Dosha while Nasya is recommended in skin diseases in head, neck & face region. Along with we prefer diet, life style modification and internal medication for a time period of few weeks.