Cholesterol Management through Ayurveda

Cholesterol is a kind of fat present in the blood in small quantities. By forming a part of the cell walls, brain cells, and nerve coverings, it plays an important function in the body.
As per density, cholesterol has been categorized into highdensity cholesterol, low density cholesterol, and very low-density cholesterol.
While high-density cholesterol is known to be cardio-protective,
and helps in the removal of bad cholesterol from the arteries, low-density
Very low-density cholesterol are known to be bad cholesterol, causing coronary blockages if present in excess quantities.
The medical term for having excess of bad cholesterol in the body is known as hypercholesterolemia.
Too much of bad cholesterol can truly be harmful and fatal, as it sticks to the inside of the walls of your arteries, and leads to the building up of a fatty material known as atheroma, which creates difficulty in the smooth flow of blood, leading to a stroke or a heart attack.
Ayurveda treatment focuses on the cleansing and removal of ama (toxins), and fat from the body. Along with this, herbal medicines are also provided to protect heart health, and improve metabolism.
Since lifestyle and diet are very important to take care of cholesterol, all of that is taken care of, individually.
In the advanced stage, major organs start getting affected by high cholesterol, and thus the treatment for this stage includes protecting the affected organs, and bringing cholesterol under control.
All of this is done with the help of herbal medicines, panchakarma therapies, behavioral modifications and improved diet and lifestyle.