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Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment in Ayurveda

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment in Ayurveda

This is the temporary condition frequently experienced by maximum individuals, which is neglected in mild condition and suffered when the condition aggravates. As the name suggests CVS is the syndrome experienced or affected due to constant exposure to computers or radiations through electric gadgets etc.,

Nowadays spending time in front of computers or other electrical gadgets for multiple purpose has been very common not only in working people but also in children. Maximum hours in a day, individuals are exposed to radiations which in turn hampers their physical as well as mental health.


  • Prolonged usage of computers or other electronic gadgets leading to frequent exposure to radiations.
  • Wrong posture while working for long hours in front of computer.
  • Reduced or no physical activities throughout the day.


Symptoms can be categorized as extra ocular and ocular.

  • Extra ocular symptoms – These are the symptoms which occurs due to wrong posture, prolonged sitting with minimal physical activities, mental stress, disturbed food, and sleep routine etc., which include
  • Severe and frequent head ache.
  • Shoulder and neck pain.
  • Exhaustion and tiredness.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Ocular symptoms – These are the symptoms which includes the impact on eyes due to above mentioned causes, which include
  • Dryness of eyes.
  • Redness and irritation of eyes.
  • Refractive errors.
  • Eye strain.
  • Blurred vision.

Apart from extra ocular and ocular symptoms, the individual also experiences a lot of mental disturbance due to lack of concentration, lack of ability to think, unable to balance the work pressure which in turn hampers the quality of life leading to many other disturbances in the body.

HOW CAN AYURVEDA HELP YOU?/ Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment in Ayurveda

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment in Ayurveda basically focuses on balancing of tridoshas in the body through internal as well as external approach.

Internal medications are planned as such which helps in relieving pain, headache, stress etc. which in turn supports the body for actively participating in the routine.

Internal medications include the herbs which acts as brain tonic, that helps to relieve the stress factor and keep the individual calm, along with that some of the muscle relaxants and nourishing herbs are also added that gives symptomatic relief as mentioned under extra ocular symptoms. These also includes some of the eye nourishing herbal combinations to get rid of ocular symptoms too in an individual.

External therapies like sthanika abhyanga (local massages), pottali massage (poultice), Shiro abhyanga (head massage), Shiro dhara, pichu etc.  with specific medicated oils, kashayam etc. which helps in relieving pain as well as provides nourishment to the muscles for better strength and relaxation especially in case of extra ocular symptoms.

In case of ocular symptoms, following therapies are suggested,

1)Netra Tarpana -As the name suggests this therapy helps in nourishment of eyes by strengthening the ocular muscles.

In this procedure the person is made to lie down comfortably keeping the eyes closed.

Initially a mild massage is done around the eye area and over the forehead to relax the eyes.

Later a well like structure is constructed around both the eyes using Masha dough.

Based on the specific condition, particular medicated ghee is taken and poured slowly with eyes closed into the well in lukewarm condition and the person is asked to blink the eyes in regular intervals as per the need.

The medicated ghee is retained for 30-40 minutes for the better absorption.

Post this the medicated ghee is gently collected into a vessel and dough is removed.

Eye area is gently massaged to help absorb the remaining medication.

Patient is asked to relax the eye muscles for some time with mild movements.

The person is advised about precautions to be taken like direct exposure to sunlight and viewing of screen should be avoided for minimum 2-3 hours post procedure.

2)Netra dhara -This is the procedure where the eyes are washed with medicated kashayam poured in a streamline in lukewarm condition. It has a rejuvenating effect on the eyes.


  • As continuous Viewing of the computer screen without break is not advisable, it is of utmost importance to take breaks frequently every 15-20 minutes once a break of 2 minutes.
  • Blinking of eyes frequently will help to improve eye moisture and enable better vision.
  • Posture is very important as it helps to maintain proper focusing of eyes.
  • Once in every 2-3 hours, rub your hands for 10-15 seconds till they get warm, place the hands over the eyes which helps to relax your eyes.
  • With your spine erect, let your eyes relax a little. Without head movements, gazing towards the roof, slowly circle your eyes in clockwise direction for 3 times and relax. Repeat the procedure in anti-clockwise direction, this exercise reduces the eye strain.
  • Indulge yourself in some physical activities like walking, outdoor games, running, cycling, swimming etc., in order to relax your muscles and rejuvenate yourself.
  • Once in every 20 minutes, let your gaze rest on a distant object at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds relaxing your eyes and taking deep breaths. Then slowly shift the gaze to another object in similar way and help your eyes to relax using this 20-20 rule at regular intervals.


Nourishment and maintenance of your health as well as Allergy Treatment in Ayurveda is equally important as much as upgrading yourselves in your personal and professional life. So, prioritize your health beyond everything.

Health is not only about repairing it when disturbed, but also about maintaining it.

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment in Ayurveda

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