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JATHARAGNI – Digestive Fire


Many a times people complain of bloated stomach, low appetite or indigestion frequently. Lets analyse it the Ayurveda way. For proper functioning of our digestive system, the metabolic factor must be in equilibrium.  The role of Jatharagni is the key factor in maintaining our gut health. How strong your digestive fire is decides how good your assimilation will be.

The Agni situated in Jathara i.e the bioenergy of stomach and duodenum is one among the 13 agnis mentioned in Ayurveda. The Ahara or food we intake is assimilated into Sara(essential nutrients to nourish body tissues) and Kitta(waste products).  The strength of our Jatharagni determines the health of our digestive system. For optimum health, we require a samagni or normal Jatharagni

The quantity and quality of the Ahara or the food that we consume also contributes for a normal jatharagni.

Lets follow a few dietary guidelines as suggested by Ayurveda to maintain a normal Jatharagni.

Eat when you are hungry.

Don’t overload, eat only when the previous meal is fully digested.

Eat fresh, clean and well cooked foods.

Keep lunch as the main meal of the day as it imparts maximum digestion.

Try to avoid oily, spicy, fried foods or take in moderation.

Avoid stale foods as it impairs the jatharagni.


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