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World’s one of the oldest medical science, Ayurveda has explained some specific food, behaviour and exercise regimes to be followed in different seasons. This understanding is based on the fact that weather changes have an effect on the functioning of the body systems. These are known as Rutucharya. By adopting these regimens, a person can lead a healthy life. In accordance with the basic concepts of Ruthucharya  i.e. seasonal regimens explained in Ayurveda , Kerala treatment specialities have formulated a comprehensive monsoon care program which is popularly known as Karkataka Chikitsa or Karkkidaka Chikitsa .These are designed for diseased prone to diseases and also for healthy individuals on the lines of Varsha Ruthucharya.

Karkatika month falls between June and August and it coincides with the monsoon season. Heavy clouds, rainfall, and strong cold winds which prevail during the monsoon season make the body susceptible to many ailments. People are prone to many diseases during rainy seasons. During the monsoon season because of thick clouds, and cold wind the acidity of vegetables, fruits, soil and water increase. Henceforth there is the possibility of an increase in Pitha dosha if not taken care of. The Vata dosha which was already vitiated during the hot summer gets increased during the Monsoon season.   Therefore, treatments are so planned that they take care of all vitiated doshas whether they are increased or reduced. These Karkkidaka Chikitsa act as both therapeutic and preventive measures which aim at providing general well-being.


1 Address the accumulated doshas

2 To detoxify the body of its impurities and accumulated toxins

3 To enhance immunity and strength

4Maintenance of health

5 To cure many diseases which tend to occur or get triggered during monsoon season such as cold, cough asthma, skin diseases, joint pains, back pain and stiffness etc.

6 It revitalizes the energy

7 It increases the longevity of life

8 It takes care of health issues because of stress

We at Adyant Ayurveda have planned various treatments for this Karkataka masa to offer both physiological and psychological benefits to people who avail of our special treatment pr

Special rice gruel [Karkataka Kanji ]

  A special type of food which has medicinal value is traditionally prepared during Karnataka month and comes with various benefits such as prevention 0f recurrent monsoon fevers cold, cough and increased digestive functions helping to nourish all the tissues. This kanji should be consumed continuously for a minimum of one week to get maximum benefits.

Adyant’s Karkatika Chikitsa offers the following set of treatments

Abhyangam  herbal steam bath

Kashaya Dhara

Ksheera Dhara and abhyangam

Churna pinda sweda with Abhyangam

Sandhi pichu with Abhyangam

Udwarthana with Abhyangam

Abyanga with Virechana or basti [matra]

These treatment programs are available across all our branches in Bangalore

To know more about Krakkidaka Chikitsa and its benefits do visit our Adyant Ayurveda.

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