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Skin Care: Ayurveda’s approach towards Skin Care at Home

Skin is the outermost and largest organ of the body. Everyone likes to care for their skin and when it comes to facial skincare, the matter is different. Our face plays an important role in showing our complete personality. A person is born with a certain skin type, but over time, that type may change because of extrinsic factors such as climate, nutrition, lifestyle habits, or pollution. Such “imbalances” should also be taken into consideration when choosing a facial skincare regimen.

  • The benefit of Ayurveda facial remedies

Ayurveda from time immemorial has always stressed on the comprehensive health care.The formulations used in facial skin care is an age old tradition which is time tested and so is safe . Organic and ayurvedic products provide us with the best results in the most natural manner possible.

  • Glowing skin

Oil massage to skin,  steam with Ayurveda herbs,herbal face packs, make our skin glow and boost our the health of the skin.

Ayurveda’s approach towards skin care is the best!!

 Ayurvedic remedies give glowing and natural skin and helps in maintaining a good skin texture and helps to reduce hyperpigmentation.The home remedies that Ayurveda offers are also good to maintain good skin health. The household’s remedies are affordable and readily available at home.

  • Skin rejuvenation

The presence of herbal ingredients in Ayurveda remedies nourishes the tissues, decreases tenderness and penetrates deep into the skin, and soothes it. The components are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that support the health of the skin and enhance radiance.

  • Cure skin ailments

Ayurvedic herbs such as Lodhra, Shalmali, Turmeric, Chandana, Saariba, Vacha, Neem, Manjishtha, and Kushta are extensively used in remedies and are considered beneficial and the best acne spot treatment for skin disease.

  • Ayurvedic skin facial

There is nothing like ayurvedic skincare as it is recognized as ancient Indian medicine. Your home is a big storage of ayurvedic products. Let’s see how you can pamper your skin with these home facial remedies.

  • Cleansing

The facial begins with cleansing the face and neck. Make a solution of a few drops of lemon juice and honey and add a few drops of raw milk to it. This cleanser removes all the dirt from your skin and removes the blackness as well.

  • Scrub

Now scrub to clean the internal dirt of the face. For this, make a paste by mixing raw milk in the bran gram flour and rub it on the face with light hands. If your skin is oily, then grind sugar and mix coffee in it and make a scrub. This helps in removing dead cells and normalizes the production of sebum, whose effect is visible on the face. It also brightens the complexion of the skin.

  • Facial oil massage

For massage on your face, mix any one Ayurveda oil  and massage it with your hands while moving upwards from the neck to the face. The Ayurveda oil has anti-wrinkle, anti blemishing properties,hydrates the skin and nourishes it, and  it has anti-aging properties which makes Ayurveda skin care the best alternative to chemicals.

  • Steam

Nothing can be better than deep cleansing the face and taking steam for it. Heat water in a pot and when it comes to a boil, take it off the heat. Now cover your entire face with a towel and take the steam rising from the water on your face. After five minutes, take out the towel and wait for five minutes. After that wash your face with icy water. This is very important, as the steam opens the pores.

  • Mask

For the Ayurvedic face mask make a paste by mixing 1/4 teaspoon triphala powder, 1/8 teaspoon turmeric, 1/4 teaspoon dried neem  powder in 2 tablespoons of gram flour and apply it to the face. Wash it off with clean water when it dries.

  • Toning

For toning wash the face with rice water. It acts as skin toning and gives a glow to the skin. Rice water contains vitamins B1, C, and E as well as mineral salts that remove dirt from the skin and make it glow.

There are wide array of treatments plannned by well experienced Ayurveda doctors at Adyant Ayurveda to cure skin ailments and to offer a healthy routine skin care to maintain a soft and glowing skin.The treatments are planned according topatient, severity, and dosha involvement.


Adyant’s ayurvedic Home Care Services works towards an overall healing process. Our holistic approach can be helpful in beauty and skincare.

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