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Stay cool yourself with Ayurveda



Bright sunlight, clear blue skies, longer days, shorter nights, scorching heat, dry vegetation, excessive sweating, all these are depictive of the hottest among the seasons i.e summer season or Greeshma ritu.

Ritucharya or the regimen to be followed for each season is described in Ayurveda.                                                                                       Greeshma ritu, lasting from May to July, increases the heat of the environment, draining away the body strength and leaving a person dehydrated.

Due to the increase of ushna guna, there is aggravation of pitta dosha, also lowering the agni factor.

Ayurveda emphasizes that appropriate regimen has to be followed to balance the aggravated doshas.

Foods that are cooling in nature, sweet and light for digestion should be consumed along with a little ghee. Plenty of fluids must be consumed like water kept in mud pots, panaka prepared from fresh juicy fruits along with a little pepper and cardamom, mantha prepared by soaking dried grapes or dates and buttermilk.

Foods that are cooling in nature like salads, easily digestible kanjis( gruels), porridges are preferable.

Ayurveda also advises application of sandalwood paste to reduce the body heat, wear light colored cotton clothing and do light exercises.

It also advises to avoid excess exposure to sun, cut down on spicy, oily and fried foods, tea, coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks.


Lets go the Ayurveda way and stay healthy this summer.

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