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Being a overweight or obese  can lead multiple health issues and complication. There are several diet plans are available to lose weight. The kay factor in good weight loss diet is active balanced lifestyle and balanced nutritious healthy food diet. Before we start  weight loss tips, will discuss about myth and fact about weight loss.  Lets discuss about WEIGHT LOSS TIPS-MYTHS AND FACTS in details.

Myth and Fact about weight loss

 MYTH                                                                                                FACT


We can reduce weight by eating less meals.                                  Skipping meals for weight loss is unhealthy

It results in energy loss.

It reduces immunity.

Long intervals in between meals reduces

only the muscle mass leaving the fats



Low fat or fat free products will help to reduce                             Low fats /fat free labels/foods may have

Weight.                                                                                           lesser fats than full fat version,

but most of these contain same amount

of Calories. Moreover, they have added

salt, starch, sugar and preservatives.


Extensive/excess exercise helps shed more weight                         Although exercise is utmost essential,

doing exercises beyond body tolerability

leads to fatigue and overstrain, in turn

reducing energy levels.


Crash diets are best for weight loss                                                 These diets cannot be maintained for

long, imbalanced meal pattern can

cause craving for high sugar/ fat foods,

many a times leading to weight gain.


Drinking more water to lose weight                                                  Adequate water consumption is

needed   for health and glowing skin.

It is important to maintain a proper

water balance and keep yourself

hydrated to attain a healthy weight.

Hope you understand basic about weight loss diet. Along with diet need to keep active during day time is also important .



                            TIPS FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS/  Weight loss diet


  • Rise early to help the body to detox naturally.


  • Workout/Yoga/Walk for a minimum of 45minutes everyday.


  • Take timely meals which are nutritious, healthy and freshly prepared.


  • Eat more of fiber rich seasonal vegetables.


  • Do not skip breakfast.


  • Snack on fruits or nuts.


  • Drink adequate amount of water, preferably warm water.


  • Avoid foods which are processed/ refined.


  • Cut down on beverage intake.


  • Do Pranayama or Meditation to reduce the stress levels.


  • Sleep on time and rest for at least 6-8 hours.


  • Stay healthy stay fit.

Hope you understand about WEIGHT LOSS TIPS-MYTHS AND FACTS. Along with proper diet exercise and modification in lifestyle is also important.

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