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Ayurveda Treatment For Acidity

Ayurveda Treatment For Acidity

We often experience or hear about complaints of burning sensation in chest region, or abdomen post a spicy meal or during fasting, post a work out or many a times when there is lots of stress. It is generally referred to as acidity whereas it can be due to various other factors or may be a sign of other conditions.Ayurveda Treatment For Acidity helps to correct digestive fire, remove all toxins from body to get complete rid from Acidity

What may be the reasons for Acidity ?

Taking meals with long gaps, too spicy or oily foods, eating late in night, too much consumption of tea, coffee, soft drinks or alcohol especially on empty stomach, less or no physical activity, stress or tensions can cause burning sensation in upper abdomen or epigastric region.

Let’s discuss in detail all the conditions related to acidity like GERD or acid reflux, Stomach/peptic ulcers, Esophagitis, Hiatal hernia, Pregnancy, Gastroparesis, sometimes maybe an indication of gall stones and anxiety.


Is the food regurgitating frequently to your mouth, burning sensation in the night, discomfort interfering with daily chores, then these may be suggestive of GERD.   

Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a common disorder wherein a backflow of acidic contents of the stomach into the oesophagus causes irritation in the lining of the oesophagus.

It may also be associated with belching or persistent burning which may increase while lying down or bending along with acidic or bitter taste in the mouth.

As the condition is caused mostly due to altered lifestyle or diet patterns, dietary modifications along with changes in lifestyle is the first step towards relief. Medications to reduce the acid levels may also be advised.


Peptic ulcer is a type of sore formed in the lining of the stomach or intestines.  It is often observed as burning associated with pain in the stomach region. When the gastric juices start to damage the lining of the stomach or intestines it results in an ulcer. It may be caused due to long term intake of pain relieving medications or due to an infection of H Pylori bacteria also. The other causative factors may be intake of too spicy, oily foods along with aerated drinks, alcohol or smoking.


In this condition, there may be burning or pain in the chest or upper abdomen, belching or vomiting sensation, sometimes difficulty to swallow or irritation associated with food regurgitating to the mouth.

Esophagus is a tubular organ which helps for passage of food from mouth to the stomach. The lining of the esophagus is made of mucus layers. When the acid starts to affect the linings it leads to an inflamed esophagus resulting in esophagitis.

The reasons for acids flowing upwards towards the tube can be due to infection, long term usage of certain medications, untimely meals, too hot or spicy foods, smoking and alcohol abuse.


Many a times, hiatal hernia may show no symptoms. If a person experiences burning sensation, regurgitation of foods or fluids back to the mouth, feeling of fullness after a meal, blackish stools, then hiatal hernia is a possibility.

A part of the stomach pushes up towards the esophageal opening into the diaphragm or esophagus leading to hiatal hernia.

The causative factors can be exercising or lifting heavy weights, continuous pressure over surrounding muscles due to cough or straining while passing stools, many a times due to weakness of diaphragm pertaining to age.

There are other conditions wherein heart burn can be noticed but may not be the main factor for diagnosis like gall stones, gastroparesis etc.

Many a times, acid reflux is seen in early stages of pregnancy and sometimes in the last trimester due to the increased girth of the abdomen.

Anxiety or stress can also indirectly lead to excess acid secretion causing burning sensation.

AN AYURVEDIC PERSPECTIVE / Ayurveda Treatment For Acidity

Ayurveda Treatment For Acidity is based on certain principles for life wherein a proper regimen is advised for each individual type /Prakruti. It also advocates a proper regimen regarding diet and lifestyle based on the season.

A lapse in lifestyle and diet patterns can lead to malfunctioning of metabolism causing Ama /impaired digestion. It can result in many conditions like Amlapitta, Parinama shoola, Annadrava shoola, Grahani etc.

The most relevant condition can be correlated to Amlapitta


In today’s hectic life, maintaining proper meal times, diet appropriate to the season, and lifestyle pertaining to the body type is seldom followed leading to various health conditions.

These disturbances directly affect our gut health or Agni-metabolism. The deranged Agni in turn causes disturbances in pitta dosha. The imbalance in pitta dosha in the mahasrotas or annavaha srotas along with mandagni can lead to Ama in Pitta dosha resulting in Amlapitta.

Amlapitta is characterized by Hritkantha daha (burning in heart and throat region) associated with avipaka(indigestion), and tikta amlodgara (sour and bitter belching).

Ayurveda emphasizes on preventive care along with curative approach. The first line of treatment is modifications in diet and lifestyle, like taking meals on time, a proper balanced meal, adequate amount of fluids, season based consumption of vegetables and fruits, exercise and meditation and breathing exercises to reduce stress levels.

Natural herbs and herbal medications gives relief in these conditions.

Panchakarma or purifactory procedures also helps to relieve the conditions and is advised specific to the ailment.

Although Panchakarma treatment has five major therapies, Vamana or medicated emesis/vomiting and Virechana or medicated purgation aims at elimination of aggrevated doshas especially pitta dosha and is proven to be utmost beneficial in most of the above mentioned conditions.

Embrace the Ayurveda way of life to help combat health problems.

Ayurveda Treatment For Acidity

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